Big Data Engineering

Genpro Analytics, assist market intelligence/market research departments in disaggregating processes and adding additional capabilities and capacity, and thus enabling them to be more effective.

Process Reengineering

  • Survey link testing
  • Pre-study audits
  • BI reporting (Tableau, Power BI, Excel)
  • Motion graphics and videos
  • Highly visualized decks
  • MR portal management
  • Tagging and publishing
  • Quality Audits
  • Long tail data mining
  • Reporting (Country, Segment)
  • Project management and supports

Integration and Insights

  • Competitor deepdive
  • Technology deepdive
  • Products deep-dive
  • Country deep-dive
  • Trends monitoring and reporting
  • Cross-study synthesis
  • Market opportunity analysis

Automation & Technology

  • Live field updates
  • Automation of survey link testing
  • Integrated MR data platform
  • Transactional data management
  • Automating verbatim coding
  • Automating data runs, sig testing
  • Formatting or templatising report


  • KDA/ SEM/ Shapely value
  • Market mix modelling
  • Segmentation
  • Web analytics
  • Customer / Partner lifetime value
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Text Analytics
  • Discrete choice modelling
  • Campaign Analytics

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